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ICF Materials
Fox ICF Blocks
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Fox ICF Blocks
Insulated concrete forms (ICF) homes are far superior to traditional construction in energy efficiency because of the large thermal mass of the wall assembly - ICF homes keep heat in during the winter and cool air in during the summer. ICF walls are insulated with a solid surface of continuous insulation on the inside and outside wall surfaces, eliminating air infiltration and heat transfer issues.

ICF homes provide extremely quiet living environment with substantially reduced sound transmission between the outdoors and your indoor living area providing your family a calm, quiet, safe and comfortable home. ICF homes also have significant disaster resistance against earthquakes, floods and fire.

Fox Blocks integrated designed homes exceed the national average for Net Zero HERS rating and qualify as green construction.
Bildhauer ICF Construction
ICF materials we sell include: ICF Fox blocks, specialized ICF hardware, steel and fiberglass rebar, and ICF braces.
Bildhauer ICF Materials and Services
Bildhauer Green Energy Generator
ICF Services
Bildhauer Construction We offer a number of ICF services:
ICF installationICF installation by our experienced crew - let us quote your project or we also offer per hour rates
Fox ICF BlocksICF oversight and quality control for your construction crew
Bildhauer ICFICF training and certification if you wish to install yourself
ICF braces rentalICF braces rental
Bildhauer ICF ConstructionPrepare the list of materials using our advanced ICF model
ICF braces rentalSkid steer with operator and attachments, including bucket, root rake, auger with helical drills of various sizes, forks, dozer or snow plow, trencher, and other
Bildhauer ICF installation
Bildhauer Fox ICF Dealer Bildhauer ICF braces
Equipment and Products
Bildhauer green construction Skid Steer Attachments
Bildhauer ConstructionSnow blades
Bildhauer ICFForks
Bildhauer Fox ICF BlocksTrencher
ICF BildhauerAuger and helical drills
Bildhauer ICF DealerRoot rake
Bildhauer skid steer attachments
Bildhauer skid steer attachments2022 containers 20ft used once
Bildhauer mobile homesUsed telehandler jib 12ft
Bildhauer ICF2023 modular homes installed in one day
Bildhauer ICFHigh quality solar panels and electrical systems
Bildhauer ICFSolar generator tracker and energy storage 12kW and higher
Bildhauer skid steer attachments
Bildhauer ICF
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Bildhauer Construction How to get in touch with us
Bildhauer ICF HomesWarehouse: Lansdowne, Ontario
Bildhauer ConstructionSales and installations: 780-777-0539
Bildhauer ICF HomesQuotes: email your plans and requirements - use email you see at the left
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Bildhauer skid steer attachments
Bildhauer ICF is the best ICF dealer of ICF blocks in Ontario. Bildhauer ICF construction is the best ICF installer in Canada. Bildhauer ICF construction is an authorized Fox Blocks ICF dealer. For green energy visit
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